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In The Assassin, Derren Brown, a master of hypnosis, investigates if someone could be hypnotized into committing murder.

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  • Arthur 3 years ago

    Wow !

  • Robert 3 years ago

    Everyone should see this.
    And stop blame innocent people, make right and peace!
    Have a nice day. :)

  • Where can I go to learn how to hypnotise? Not saying I want to breed assassins, but it seems an important tool in mass human relations.

  • Allfacat 3 years ago

    For those believing that you cannot make someone do something against their own will, and that believe that conspiracy theories concerning black ops and such are just that, theories, see this. Derren Brown has over the last years done remarkable things, and shed light upon remarkable themes. This time he has really gone for the deepest darkest rabbit hole, and proven to the general public what is really possible to accomplish. Hat off for this brilliant mind.

  • Cloud Nexus 3 years ago

    I watched this documentary because I have a history and knowledge of hypnosis. I have read many books on the subjects of self-hypnosis and hypnosis of others. I also feel that it is equally as important for EVERYBODY to understand hypnosis, because once you do, you start to see the world differently. You feel the impact of advertisements as dirty and cheap. You see the news as heavily-biased and repetitive. You see the world cluttered with all sorts of brain-wash, and you begin to understand what is meant by waking up from a world that truly is asleep.

    This is an excellent documentary, and I found this site on a fluke. Major thumbs up.

  • Cassio the Giant 3 years ago

    I’ve never seen anything EVER that would suggest hypnosis is a real phenomena. This is completely un-watchable. Just because you tell me it is not staged doesn’t mean anything. Hollywood movies are full of lies and how could anyone be expected to believe this? the human psyche is fragile, but not this fragile…

  • Viola 3 years ago

    This is a great video.