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Uncover the truth surrounding one of the most renowned and feared organizations in the world, the illusive Vril Society. This compelling one-off explores conspiracy theories, retraces historical events, investigates internal agendas and uncovers macabre rituals.

Profiling prominent and often famous members, alleged to include many of the Nazi Party elite, including Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler, and even Adolf Hitler, the documentary reveals information that the most clandestine of secret societies want to remain secret.

Legend has it that the original members of the society believed they could live under the earth and fly to far away stars powered by a mysterious substance called Vril. They also believed that one day they would rule the world. This dangerous group existed at the core of the Nazi Party, and like many dark fellowships, remnants of the group still exist today, almost 100 years after its founding.

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  • You lost your credibilty at “illusive”…given the context, the word you want is “elusive”…sheesh.

    But maybe you do not need critical thinking skills if you can believe in an omnipotent,conspiracy-prone power such as vrill-type societies, or god, or whatever.

    • nutzonurchin 3 years ago

      unless he was referring to an elusive…. force of light..”illuminated”.. which can be very elusive when trying to see the light in the daytime.. 😉

  • Viola 5 years ago

    Illusive is also a word which fit the context.