Consciousness Drives the Universe

What is reality? Who are we? Today, cutting edge philosophers, scientists and researchers are exploring a new theory revolving around the notion that all matter is vibrating energy manifested by our collective infinite consciousness.

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  • mr.lucky 6 years ago

    I like the fact that they used the late Bill Hicks at the end.

  • MiLES 6 years ago

    Yup! Bill Hicks would have approved. He was in Zeitgeist too.

  • Mental 6 years ago

    Nice, good site also. Keep up sharing the TRUTH guys, time to get out of a box.

  • Lorenzo 6 years ago

    Great video.

  • Joaquin 6 years ago

    Whoa, that part about that we are constantly creating through the sheer act of observation just blew my mind! Anyone knows who speaks (at around 7:40)? I’d like to know who the other speakers are too.
    Great to see Bill Hicks, it made me think about him. They should’ve also used the “Here’s Tom with the weather” bit, but I guess that has already been used too much.
    Good to see a bit of a Tool video too. Check out that song, it’s called Lateralus, and it’s about consciousness expansion, the fractal nature of things, and the need to “spiral out”

  • Mental 6 years ago

    Yeah.. Tool is cool band, also in song Parabola there is a mention, something like this “.. this body holding me.. reminds me of my own mortality…this life is just illusion..”

  • Mental 6 years ago

    At 7:40 its David Icke, who is after him I dont know.

  • Joakim 6 years ago

    Sorry to come here only to question this, but where is this taken from? Who mad this and why, who is everybody that participate in this clip?

    Other then that, interresting topic!

  • observation creates
    because (matter creating) fractal compression
    of charge is both cause and result
    of the field effect phase conjugation
    which essentially defines perception

  • Alexander 6 years ago

    Just amazing :)

  • KanadianKain 6 years ago

    how can i DL this to hard drive?
    please and thanks so much

  • Hatef12 6 years ago

    its gregg braden at 7:40

  • eLViSaLIVE 6 years ago

    use a screen record like zdsoft video recorder
    on the demo version only 5 mins recording
    the bay version hehehe longer

  • Option Zer0 5 years ago

    gregg braden, deepak chopra, bill hicks, david icke, alex grey and i think it’s arthur c. clarke at 2:50. the rest i don’t know

  • “The fact of the matter is, the substance of the Universe is consciousness”

    i. e.

    “The fact of the consciousness is, the Universe”.

  • The Universe as whole is Infinite/Energy/Vacuum
    ( Dirac’s sea ) T=0K. According to Quantum theory
    the Vacuum gives birth to ‘virtual/ energy particles’
    who can change into real particles. And from these
    real particles were created everything in the World.
    We are logical and conscious humans. Doesn’t
    it mean what the ‘real particles’ and ‘Vacuum’ also
    must be conscious ?
    Israel Sadovnik. Socratus

  • The process of conscious and unconscious.

    There is a possibility of the brain activity to have
    the ability to switch between conscious and unconscious.
    But this process is suppressed by contact with the
    cerebral cortex neurons (! ) which work in Maxwell’s regime. ( !)
    ( Electroencephalography shows us the Maxwell’s electrical
    activity of the brain)
    To create ‘awareness’ having senses and thoughts is impossible.
    The senses and thoughts increase the cerebral cortex neurons
    impulses ( Maxwell’s EM energy ) and doesn’t give the ability
    ( of something ) to switch between conscious and unconscious.
    Maxwell’s electrical activity of the brain shows the
    ‘normal – not normal logical ‘ process in the brain.
    To create ‘awareness/ unconscious ‘ needs another
    process – Quantum (!). ‘Awareness’ is Quantum process.
    Very often it is only Quantum moment (!) but at this moment,
    at this second the structure of cerebral cortex neurons is changes
    and it means that the thought and behaviour of person changes too.
    And then again the Maxwell’s electrical activity of the brain takes place.
    ” . . . the discovery is not the matter of logical thought,
    even if the final product is connected with the logical form”.
    / Einstein /
    Is an ‘awareness/ unconscious ‘ equal to a ‘discovery / enlightenment ‘?
    Best wishes.
    Israel Sadovnik Socratus.

  • Errrr…..Did I see David Lynch?

  • THEDMP 5 years ago

    There ain’t no stopping what can’t be stopped.

  • socratus 5 years ago

    Where does the information come from?

    Once upon a time, 20 billions of years ago, all matter
    (all elementary particles and all quarks and
    their girlfriends- antiparticles and antiquarks,
    all kinds of waves: electromagnetic, gravitational,
    muons… gluons field ….. etc.) – were assembled in a “single point”.
    It means that all information also was assembled in a “single point”.
    And then there was ” big bang ” and all information flew to bits
    in different sides.
    Suppose , that every bits of a “single point”, every particle
    of a “single point” is the owner of some information.
    Then there are two possibilities:
    a) every particle has the own information and after 20 billions years
    they accidentally united and created everything including a man.
    The aim of it is to observe all accidental possibilities.
    b) in the beginning every particle has zero information .
    Question :” How does zero information further arrive to a
    very high informational level ? ”
    If you go on way a) – so maybe yes, or maybe no,
    you will pass through a forest of knowledge .
    If you go on way b) – you will pass a forest of
    theoretical knowledge along a straight road.
    Why I say so?
    We know, there is no information transfer
    without energy transfer. More correct : there is no quant
    information transfer without quant energy transfer.
    And the electron has the least electric charge.
    It means it has some quant of the least information.
    What can electron do with this information?
    Let us look the Mendeleev / Moseley periodic table.
    We can see at first, that electron does, it interacts with proton
    and creates atom of hydrogen. This is simplest design,
    which was created by electron.
    And we can see how this information grows and reaches
    high informational level. And the most complex design,
    which was created by electron is the Man.
    The Man is alive essence. Animals, birds, fish are alive essences.
    And an atom? And atom is also alive design.
    The free atom of hydrogen can live about 1000 seconds.
    And someone a long time ago has already said, that if to give
    suffices time to atom of hydrogen, he would turn into Man.
    Maybe it is better not to search about “dark, virtual particles ”
    but to understand what the electron is,
    because even now nobody knows what electron is.
    Was I mistaken? No !
    Because according to Pauli Exclusion Principle
    only one single electron can be in the atom.
    This electron reanimates the atom.
    This electron manages the atom.
    If the atom contains more than one electron
    (for example – two), this atom represents ” Siamese twins”.
    Save us, the Great God, of having such atoms, such children!
    Each of us has an Electron, but we do not know it.
    Why does only electron have quant of information?
    Maybe does proton also have quant of information?
    No. Single proton has no quant of information.
    Because information can be transfered only by
    electromagnetic fields. And we don’t have a theory
    about protono-magnetic fields.
    In my opinion the Electron is quant of information.
    Once upon a time, in the beginning, there was
    one “single point ” accidentally.
    Then it has accidentally blown up:
    Big Bang ” has taken place accidentally. (?)
    It was the reason of accidental ( ?) creation of some thousands
    kinds of elementary particles and their girlfriends – antiparticles.
    Then atom of hydrogen was formed accidentally. (?)
    Then complex atom was formed accidentally. (?)
    Then stars were formed accidentally. (?)
    Then the Planet the Earth was formed accidentally. (?)
    Then the fauna was formed accidentally. (?)
    Then the animal kingdom was formed accidentally. (?)
    Then the man was created accidentally. (?)
    And this man can accidentally think logically. (?)
    But of course, unfortunately, not always.
    Someone wrote that the chances for the universe to expand,
    for the atom to exist, for the earth to bear life and for humanity
    to find place is as little as on to a number so big that it would
    require 244 zeros to write it down.
    Many years ago man has accustomed some wild
    animals (wolf, horse, cat, bull , etc.)
    and has made them domestic ones.
    But the man understands badly the four-footed friends.
    In 1897 J. J. Thomson discovered new particle – electron.
    Gradually man has accustomed electron to work for him.
    But the man does not understand what an electron is.
    By my peasant logic at first it is better to understand
    the closest thing (for example an photon /electron) and
    then to study the far away space and particles
    (for example dark, quark, meson, boson. . . . etc particles).
    Best wishes.
    Israel Sadovnik. Socratus.

  • imactuallyclass 5 years ago

    Prof Brian Cox . Physicist / rockstar / good dude

  • images 5 years ago

    Robert Anton Wilson is the man in b/w with a beard discussing Quantum Physics. If you have yet to discover his reality tunnel you need to seek the ripples that remain since his passing. They will help to guide you, and give you a weapon I like to call the humor of nothingness.

  • socratus 5 years ago

    Evolution / Consciousness and Quantum of Light.
    The scientific laws are already there in Nature.
    The scientists only discovered them and usually name them after
    Maybe these laws were there by chance, but maybe these laws were
    and set in motion which explain the evolution of Nature.
    If the Universe was created by chance – we don’t need consciousness.
    But if the Universe was developed by way of evolution
    ( from simple to complex ) it means it needed consciousness
    for its development.
    And then we have a question:
    How and where was the first germ of consciousness born?
    Can evolution be possible by chance?
    No, because ” The second law of thermodynamics ” says the Universe
    as whole goes to cold equilibrium ( T=0K) , to regress, to death.
    So, by chance evolution is impossible.
    Evolution means progress. But if evolution is progress
    it must have consciousness to make this progress possible.
    If it so, we have an astonishing situation.
    In 1900 , Max Planck , trying to save the Universe from ice age
    Quantum of Light. This Quantum of Light saves the Universe from
    extinction, gives life and it means takes part in the Cosmic
    Does Quantum of Light have a germ of consciousness?
    All these fifty years of conscious brooding have brought me
    no nearer to the answer to the question ‘ What are light quanta?’
    Nowadays every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks he knows it,
    but he is mistaken
    / Albert Einstein /
    “There is in particular one problem whose exhaustive
    solution could provide considerable elucidation.
    What becomes of the energy of a photon after complete emission?”
    / Max Planck. Nobel Lecture, June 2, 1920 /

    This question still waits for its answer.
    Best wishes.
    Israel Sadovnik. Socratus.

  • Peter Sem 4 years ago


  • Sunulal 4 years ago

    What the rubbish is this………… Whats the science behind this………….. Whats the theory behin this…… What is Consciousness

  • truth 4 years ago

    ANY MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS Please Guys And Gals

  • Source of Consciousness

    Does electron have consciousness ?
    Molecular biology and molecular evolution
    Cosmology and cosmic evolution
    If Universe evolves can electron evolve too?
    Does evolution of life begin on electron’s level?
    Origin of life is a result of physical laws that govern Universe.
    Electron takes important part in this work
    Why does the simplest particle – electron have six formulas:
    E=h*f, e = +ah*c , e = -ah*c, +E=Mc^2, -E=Mc^2, E= ∞ ?
    Electron is not as simple as we think
    Israel Socratus