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In Towns like Hafnarfjörður and Reykjavik, Iceland a large percent of the population believe in elves, ghosts and other paranormal entities. In fact, many claim to have seen them, and some even claim to engage in frequent contact with them. This rare documentary is the first outside look at the strange, but seemingly common events that take place on this small, remote island country.

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  • good footage from the icelandic nature. couldnt care less about the theme, those fields were beatifull

  • Iv alwayz beleevd n the fae world and tht there r othrz among us who chooz to b seen when they want or can morph n2 othr thngz im happy othrz beleev az well, perhapz i should move 2 iceland and meet the fae folk ? :-0 ii think so ;-p

  • Dk, instead of moving to Iceland, you should learn to spell.

  • I have been fortunate enough to drive around Iceland. It is a truly amazing place! Highly recommended! :)